Nina Rossing

Alarmingly relevant about love, sex and social

#Naked is about 16-year-old Thea who is looking for a boy for
sex. A one-night stand will do, preferably with someone who
is good at it, so that she can cross off the last item on her
to-do list. #Naked is also about 17-year-old Amund, who has
acquired the nickname Don Juan, and seems like the perfect
candidate for Thea.
At one of the coolest parties of the year, Thea and Amund
sneak off. Neither of them notices someone following them,
filming everything. Not until next day, when a video goes
viral among the kids at school, and Amund starts to receive
#Naked is a strong and direct YA novel about honesty and
vulnerability, sex and social media, and about taking back
control when everyone is watching

Nina Rossing

Nina Rossing (b. 1976) is an associate professor at a high
school in Trondheim where she teaches English, Norwegian
and History. She debuted with the YA book #Matchfit in 2019.

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