Tore Arve Røssland
Blood moon

The devil dances under the blood moon.
On a freezing cold January day, Benni, Sarah and Vanja check
into the snow-covered Lookout Mountain Lodge, ready for a
weekend at a luxury spa. But the friends soon discover that
things are not as they should be up here in the mountains.
This isolated hotel’s heyday has long since passed, and now
only a caretaker and his daughter work here. Why won’t the
caretaker talk to them? Why did the previous owner leave the
hotel so suddenly? And why have so many people drowned in
the lake by the ski slopes?
Blood Moon is an eerie horror story where the devil never
stops dancing under the blood moon…

Tore Arve Røssland

Tor Arve Røssland (b. 1971) has published a number of
books for children and young adults since his debut in 1999.
He is known for writing page-turning suspense novels, and
has been nominated five times for the U-Award and twice for
the Boksluker Award.

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