Regine Toften Holst
Rino - Journey to the island of the dead

New action-packed graphic novel!
Rino is the heir to the throne, but his royal duties do not
interest him. He senses that the kingdom he is about to
rule is founded on injustice. Rino dreams of a different life,
with freedom and adventure. One day he gets more than
he bargained for: Suddenly he finds himself on a pirate ship
setting sail for a bewitched island. It will be a journey he will
not soon forget, with sword-wielding pirates and dangerous
evil spells.

Regine Toften Holst

Regine Toften Holst (b. 1993) is a trained animator, and
works as an illustrator and cartoonist. She started making
comics online in 2007, but not until 2017 did her career as an
illustrator begin. She has illustrated several children’s books,
and is particularly fond of drawing animals.

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