Rebecca Wexelsen and Jens Kristensen (ill.)
Twilight tales

Horror stories that will keep you awake at night!
A collection of stand-alone short stories from a world that is
very reminiscent of our own, yet completely different. Here
the everyday is mixed with the inexplicable, resulting in a
dark, unpleasant and completely distinctive mood.

Rebecca Wexelsen and Jens Kristensen (ill.)

Rebecca Wexelsen (b. 1986) made her debut with the poetry
collection Så faller jeg / So I fall in 2017. Her debut novel, Hotel
was published in 2019. Her first children's book
(Ulf er uvel / Ulf is unwell) was published in 2020. It won the
Ministry of Culture’s illustrated book award the following
year, and was also nominated for the Critics’ Award and NBU’s
(Norwegian Writers for Children) award Trollkrittet.

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