Bjørn Ousland
The shining crown

Laughs and thrills in a brand new adventure from
a masterful storyteller.

A poor farmer finds a crown while working in the fields.
The crown fits perfectly on his newborn daughter’s head,
and so there it stays. After a fatal accident, the little girl is
adopted by the royal family and grows up as a princess. With
the crown still on her head, she gains a magical power of
attraction: Everyone in her presence becomes happy and
When the princess is kidnapped by trolls during one of her
secret evening walks, good advice is hard to come by. Many
people try to save her, but in the end it is the poor boy Ash,
who manages to rescue her from the trolls’ cave. He is also
the only one who is able to look past her magical crown and
see the girl for whom she really is. The Shining Crown is a
stand-alone sequel to The Dark Heart.

Bjørn Ousland

Bjørn Ousland (b. 1959) is educated as a cartoonist in the
US, and has received numerous awards for his cartoons
and children’s book illustrations. His comic strips have been
published in the US, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. His works
have been purchased by the National Library, in addition to
several solo exhibitions.

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