Camilla Otterlei and Tiril Valeur (ill.)
The fortune-telling cup

Can you predict the future to save a friend in

Simone has been looking forward to the spring fair with
carousels and cotton candy. In the fortune-telling cup the
fortuneteller foresees that great secrets will be revealed.
Simone and her friends laugh it off, but doubts arise when
they discover that the fortune-telling cup is left behind when
the fair moves on. Soon one surprise replaces the other.
What is Peter planning? Why is Leah even grumpier than
usual? And what’s with all the white envelopes piling up in her
The fortune-telling cup is a charming story filled with fortunetelling, family ties and friendship – and how to help a friend
whose world is turned upside down!

Camilla Otterlei and Tiril Valeur (ill.)

amilla Otterlei (b. 1980) is a writer, teacher and speaker.
She is a member of NBU (Norwegian Writers for Children)
and NFFO (Norwegian non-fiction Writers and Translators
Association), and has published a number of books in various
genres since her debut in 2004. For the illustrated book
Kunsten å møte en bjørn (The art of meeting a bear) (2015) she
received the Språklig Samlings literature award.
Tiril Valeur (b. 1975) is an illustrator, author and graphic
designer. She is educated at the Oslo National Academy of
the Arts and has illustrated both her own and other authors’
books since her debut in 2008.

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