Ragnar Aalbu
Harry the (not so) happy hippo

The world’s first picture book in 2.5D-format!
Harry is on the beach with his mother and siblings. The
others go for a swim, but Harry prefers to stay ashore.
You get wet in the water, and who knows what hides in the
gloom beneath the surface. But as sand and sunscreen
clump together making Harry look like a chicken nugget, he
thinks that maybe it would be nice to go swimming after all.
However, it’s not easy to admit that you have changed your
This illustrated book full of sun and summer is presented
in a unique “laptop 2.5D format”, meaning that the book is
opened up and read the way you open a laptop. This creates
a kind of stereoscope effect, giving the book a completely
different visual depth. Not quite 3D, but 2.5D!

Ragnar Aalbu

Ragnar Aalbu (b. 1966) made his debut as a picture book
author in 2004. He has been nominated for the Nordic
Council’s literature award, has received the Norwegian
Ministry of Culture’s Award for children’s and youth literature
three times, as well as three nominations.

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