Anna Fiske
How To Talk About Death

Death is next up in Anna Fiske’s How-series. This is a topic that children are curious about, and which adults may find difficult to discuss. What actually happens with the body when you die? What’s a funeral? And why do we even have to die?

Anna Fiske has an incredibly unique form of communicating, and in How to Talk About Death she speaks to the children at their level and takes them seriously, while also managing to write a heart-warming, inclusive and at times even funny book about death. A perfect conversation starter for anyone who has questions about death, or who knows someone who’s passed away.

The How-series has been a phenomenal success both in Norway and abroad, and it has been translated into multiple languages.

Anna Fiske

Anna Fiske
Adrian Nielsen/NORLA

Anna Fiske (b. 1964) is an author, illustrator, and cartoonist. Fiske’s playful and distinctive style, both literary and pictorial, has earned her numerous awards and honours for her works. Several of her books have been published with great success in many countries. Fiske’s Hallo!-series, a series of search-and-find books, have been especially successful in China, with multiple print runs and tens of thousands of books sold.

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