Anneli Klepp and Sandra Kristin Steffesen (ill.)
The Friendship Muddle

Humour, hitches and a hint of romance in Line’s world.

Emma’s in a dilemma and only Line and Eva can help her out of it. Rebecca is coming to visit and the three friends HAVE TO come up with something cool to do! Rebecca is something of a celebrity and has a bit of a hot temper. She’s also boy-crazy and big-headed. But right now it’s crucial for Line and the others not to make fools of themselves – the only problem is that nothing goes according to plan.

This is the tenth book about Line and her friends – books to fall in love with, packed with charm, hilarious twists and thrills – books about finding out who you are and how to be yourself, alone or with friends.

Anneli Klepp and Sandra Kristin Steffesen (ill.)

Anneli Klepp and Sandra Kristin Steffesen (ill.)
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Anneli Klepp is a brilliantly inventive author who writes in a way that gets to the heart of young people’s lives and problems, always with warmth and humour as her foremost devices. It is no coincidence that Roald Dahl is one of her literary inspirations.

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