Rut Granli
The Invasion

Mysterious, luminous creatures have occupied Justyna’s school. What do they want with her?
When mysterious, luminous creatures begin to take over her school, something exciting finally starts happening in Justyna’s life.

She has been wishing for some action – a disaster, whatever!

Alongside with her friends, she has find out what these lights are all about.

But what do these creatures really want? And why is it only Justyna who meets them?

It looks like Justyna has got the disaster she was hoping for.

The Invasion is the first book in the Ephyra trilogy.

Rut Granli

Rut Granli
Joakim Mangen

Rut Granli (b. 1986) lives in Aurskog. She is a qualified teacher in arts, crafts and design with a specialisation in special needs pedagogy and Norwegian at primary level. Rut is a teacher at a special needs school in Lillestrøm municipality.

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