Heidi Linde and Hanna Granlund (ill.)
Sara and Dagmara get Kidnapped

The perfect hideaway?

The books about Sara and Dagmara are characterized by Heidi Linde’s warm and humorous style. As we meet the girls once again in the fourth book, everyone is helping to tidy up the place where they live. But the girls don’t think that hard work looks like any fun at all, so they stay out of the way until the treats are handed out. They find a perfect hideaway, they think…

Heidi Linde and Hanna Granlund (ill.)

Heidi Linde (born 1973) is a genuinely talented writer, and writes a warm, yet vivid prose about characters that will touch your heart.

She has been a rising star since her debut novel Under the Table (2002) made it to the main selection in Norway’s major book club, but her big breakthrough came with her third novel, Yes, We Can! (2011).

She is also one of few plot driven women writers to traverse the gender gap; the reviewers obviously see her as a writer for both men and women (and compare her to giants like Nick Hornby and Jonathan Frantzen).

Hanna Granlund (b. 1990) is a Swedish illustrator and author,  she has contributed to over 50 publications.

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