Aage G. Sivertsen
The Mozart of Chess

A portrait of the chess genius as a young man. The young Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is called “The Mozart of Chess” for his cool attitude and his playful style. As reigning world champion and the highest ranked chess player in history, he compares favourably with some of the ikons of chess such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.
What is the secret of his success? How important is it to have fun rather than just practise? How does Magnus balance between versatility and focus? How does he prepare for a competition? What is the role of the Carlsen family, his trainers, mentors and team? In sum; how important is psychology in the world of elite chess — how much is based on the chess player’s character and winner instinct?

Aage Sivertsen gives us an inside story from Team Carlsen and from the many world tournaments Magnus takes part in during the year. The author has interviewed many of Magnus Carlsen’s opponents – from Garri Kasparov to Vishy Anand.

The book opens as a light, sparkling Mozart-sonata. But as we read on, we gradually meet a king under cruel psychological pressure. Around him lurk sly, hungry sharks who play with sombre, poker-faced self-discipline.

Aage G. Sivertsen

Aage G. Sivertsen

Aage Georg Sivertsen has written 14 books. He trained as a historian and has worked for NRK for more than ten years as a documentary journalist.
Sivertsen’s most recent book is about chess genius Magnus Carlsen from Norway. The book has received critical acclaim. You can also find information about the author and some details about the book on the popular website www.chessbase.com.
Over the last two years, Sivertsen has accompanied the Norwegian chess player and Team Carlsen to most of their tournaments. The author has had unique access to information, particularly by virtue of several long conversations with Magnus’ father, Henrik Carlsen. Sivertsen has also interviewed several top players and is a personal friend of former world champion Vishy Anand. This source material makes this book very different from the books that have previously been written about Magnus Carlsen.

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