Kari Stai
Yesper and Noper – The Storm

Yesper and Noper are in climate trouble. They are out pruning their garden when Screwloose zooms past on her way to the factory.
– Can you really build anything imaginable there? ask Yesper and Noper.
– Anything at all in the blink of an eye! replies Screwloose.
Yesper and Noper are very impressed about this. They start filling their house with carloads of everything possible. But where is Noper going to put his special breathing spot and romping room now? And when The Storm arrives and sweeps Yesper and Noper up into the air, they discover something extraordinary. The Earth has been transformed. Now it’s full of rubbish. That’s when they realise they need to do something: They have to help Screwloose. Now they know exactly what she needs to make in her factory.

Kari Stai

Kari Stai (b. 1974) is a Norwegian illustrator, author and artist. She is graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts with an MA in Visual Communication, in addition to studies at other Norwegian art colleges. Besides the Yesper and Noper-series she has published other picture books including the board books Mopp and Mikko (2010). In 2021 she made the illustrated novel So-so Happy (for readers 9 – 12). She has also illustrated a wide range of books by other writers.

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