John S. Jamtli
Sabotage– In the Shadow of the Tirpitz

The true, epic story of the fight against the largest German battleship.

In 1942, at the height of WWII, the world's largest battle ship heads north to Norway. The massive Tirpitz poses a constant threat to the allied convoys supplying the Soviet army at the Eastern front.

Neither bomb raids, nor custom designed mini-submarines make a dent in the heavily armored monster ship, so the SIS-agent Torstein Raaby is sent north to Alta to report to the British about all movements. In order to succeed, Raaby has to recruit his friend Karl «Kalle» Rasmussen, to join in the work he knows could cost him his life – or his family.

In the Shadow of the Tirpitz is the third self-contained album in John S. Jamtli's critically acclaimed and award winning non-fiction comics series Sabotage. This is WWII history from Scandinavia, the exciting and engaging way!

John S. Jamtli

John S. Jamtli
Thanee Andino

John S. Jamtli, born and raised in Mo i Rana, is a Norwegian illustrator and cartoonist. Jamtli has published several comic books, some in collaboration with writer Aleksander Kirkwood Brown. He has currently written and drawn four books in the Sabotage series.

Other titles

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