Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
TROLLHEIM – The secret of the Crow Castle


A highly illustrated, page turning, new book series in colors for middle grade children.

This is the story of three children having to face mythological creatures and old Norse legends to save the world from ancient darkness.

It’s the first day of school after the summer holidays, and Adam is the new kid in class. He walks to school through the forest with his new neighbor, Tobias, a short and chubby boy without many friends. On their way they run into Tara, a girl in their class, who decides to enter an abandoned, old house. When Tara doesn’t turn up for school, the boys go looking for her. They search through the house without any luck, until they suddenly see a rug moving across the floor.

Readers review:

"In fact, it's rare that I read such a good book."

FELIX, 11 years

"I would like to read the book again.“

Martin 12 years

"I would actually stand in front of my whole class and recommend the book.“

Sol Borghild 9 1/2 years

"Would recommend this book to others who like really exciting books (...) Very well written!

Lars 11 years

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
Photo: Figenschou Publishing

Arne Lindmo (b. 1981) loves to write exciting stories inspired by Norwegian fairy tales and myths, a theme that has fascinated him since he was a boy. He has worked for many years as a teacher and even then used to make up small, scary stories that he constantly told the students in class, to keep the students awake during the class. Occasionally, his stories kept individual students awake at night as well.

Norwegian illustrator Ida Skjelbakken's photographic style brings the book's characters and battle scenes to life in a cinematic way. Her execution is impressive and her style fits the fantasy genre perfectly!

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Denmark, Turbine publishing

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Best Children's Book of the Year 2022, ARKs barnebokpris (11 000 children in the jury)

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