Ingunn Røyset

Do you have to be perfect when you are only 13 years old?

Pia will never be one of the cool kids in her junior high school. She knows that. Not with her horrible hair, braces on her teeth and the nickname Peanut. But when her
best friend Nathalie decides to be become the Junior High Queen, Pia is forced to embark on a journey she had not quite planned. Or does she have to?

Pia has a secret no one knows about. Sometimes she finds it difficult to just get through the day - and night. No one understands her; not Nathalie, not mum and not dad. Is there anyone in the whole world who understands how she feels?

Ingunn Røyset

Ingunn Røyset
Svein Olav Humberset

Ingunn Røyset (b. 1965) has a Bachelor’s Degree in social work and background as a journalist, stylist / make-up artist and agricultural temp. She made her debut as an author in 2012, and has published six books for children and young people.

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