Gaute Heivoll and Katrine Kalleklev (ill.)
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A marvelous and colorful story about a chimp who can write and the bond between animals and humans.

Every night, the chimpanzee Pontus is dressed in a suit and tie and sent out into the circus arena as the writing chimpanzee. Magda cares for Pontus as if he were her
own son and feels more and more sorry for him. In an attempt to free him from the clutches of the Ringmaster she tells everyone that Pontus really can’t write. Then
she sneaks off to start a new life with Pontus. Graduallyshe realises that Pontus’ writing performance may not have been a circus act after all…

Gaute Heivoll and Katrine Kalleklev (ill.)

Gaute Heivoll and Katrine Kalleklev (ill.)
Paal Audestad

Gaute Heivoll (b. 1978) is an award-winning author who debuted in 2002. Heivoll had his big breakthrough in 2010 with the novel Before I Burn Down, and has
since written a number of books for both children and adults. Gaute Heivoll is from Finsland and now lives in Kristiansand.
Katrine Kalleklev (b. 1973) is a visual artist with a Master’s degree from the Oslo Academy of the Arts. She made her debut with the illustrated book The Lake
that Wept written by Grethe Støa Birketvedt. Katrine Kalleklev is from Halden and now lives in Ås.

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