Jørn H. Hurum and Esther van Hulsen (ill.)
Life of a T-Rex
The King of the Dinosaurs

T-Rex is the dinosaur that every kid knows about. But how exactly did this monster from the Cretaceous period really live?

Young dinosaur fans have something to be excited about! This book looks at the popular Tyrannosaurus rex from a new angle. Jørn Hurum, one of our foremost science communicators and Esther van Hulsen, Norway’s most skilled nature illustrator, asked themselves the question: How did the great, carnivorous tyrant of the Cretaceous Period really live?

In this fascinating book, we follow the life of a T-Rex from the time it hatches from the egg, through the dangers and challenges it encounters growing up, until it has its
own young offspring. However, this is not just any T-Rex. The authors have taken a closer look at “Stan”, the name given one of the most complete T-Rex skeletons found.
A cast is exhibited in Oslo’s Museum of Natural History. Combining clues from the life of Stan and all their accumulated knowledge of T-Rex, writer and illustrator
have created a living story that will delight all young dinosaur enthusiasts.

Jørn H. Hurum and Esther van Hulsen (ill.)

Jørn Harald Hurum (b. 1967) is a paleontologist and one of Norway’s foremost science communicators. He is a professor at Oslo’s Natural History Museum, and has since 2004 led a team that excavates large marine reptiles from the time of dinosaurs on Svalbard.

Esther Martha van Hulsen (b. 1981) is a Dutch artist, painter and nature illustrator living in Drøbak Norway. She is a graduate of Kunstacademie Minerva Groningen in the Netherlands. Van Hulsen has illustrated a number of award-winning factual books about prehistoric animals.

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