Max estes (author and illustrator)
Rainy Day

A splashy story - without a word.

A little boy stands at the window and watches the rain fall outside. He puts on his rainwear and hurries out the door with his dog. They jump from puddle to puddle.
The rain pours down and the puddles become deeper and deeper. Soon the boy and his dog are sailing down the street in an open umbrella! The current becomes
stronger and suddenly the street becomes a river on its way to the open sea! Where in the world is this going to end? Will they ever be able to come back home again?

A textless illustrated book in the land between fantasy
and reality.

Max estes (author and illustrator)

Max estes (author and illustrator)
Eigil Korsager/ Vigmostad & Bjørke

Max Estes (b. 1977) has published over 20 books since his debut in 2005. He works primarily with illustrated books and comics. He is also the designer of the Ena Publishers logo. Estes was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently resides in Fredrikstad.

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