Marit Alette Utsi
The Road Stállu

Some children are playing hopscotch in the road where there are cars, buses, and motorcycles speeding dangerously by. Suddenly, an enormous troll shows up from under the road. He is wearing a reindeer skin coat and has the same kind of cane that Grandma used to have in her outhouse. The children are terrified and run home to hide.

Marit Alette Utsi

Marit Alette Utsi
Davvi Girji, Michal Aase

Author Marit Alette Utsi debuts with the book The Road Troll, a North Sámi fairytale about the troll who lives under the road. The story is based on the author’s own experiences as a child. Illustrated by Sunna Kitti, the book is suitable for children ages 6-9.

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