Line Wiel
Dino-ABC: Learn the alphabet with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

A book for anyone who likes dinosaurs and is learning the alphabet!

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals never cease to fascinate us. In this book, this ever-current theme becomes an exciting entrance into learning the alphabet. Each letter is presented through a creature that once roamed the earth, along with beautiful illustrations and an easy-to-understand factual text. Children can explore the pages and discover on their own, while parents can create a pleasant reading-time. There is a lot to enjoy and a lot to learn - about the distant past and the letters of the alphabet.

Line Wiel

Line Wiel

Line Wiel (b. 1979) is an illustrator and graphic designer. For the past ten years she has worked with the book design, illustrations and mapmaking for publishers. In her free time she likes to read children’s books, make things and draw.

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