Heidi Linde
Sara and Dagmara become Friends

Heidi Linde's first book for LESEBRA

Sara knows someone new is moving into the apartments next door. Maybe they’ll be a new friend for her? Maybe even a best friend? But when the removal truck arrives, she sees only one big, angry boy with black hair and a black sweater. Sara and Dagmara become Friends is the first book about the two girls. Here we find out how the friendship begins. This is the first book in a new series for LESEBRA.
As Heidi Linde debuts as an easy-reader author, she brings with her the warm tone and humour that we know from other areas of her work to create a compelling narrative.

Heidi Linde

Heidi Linde
Carl Christian Raabe

Heidi Linde (born 1973) is a genuinely talented writer, and writes a warm, yet vivid prose about characters that will touch your heart.

She has been a rising star since her debut novel Under the Table (2002) made it to the main selection in Norway’s major book club, but her big breakthrough came with her third novel, Yes, We Can! (2011).

She is also one of few plot driven women writers to traverse the gender gap; the reviewers obviously see her as a writer for both men and women (and compare her to giants like Nick Hornby and Jonathan Frantzen).

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