Max Estes
A cat's life

A fun and (partly) autobiographical illustrated book about growing up in a house full of malevolent cats.

Sam grew up in a big house with parents who would rather work than be with him. One day a cat turns up in the garden. Sam is happy; he has finally gotten some
company! But the joy of having a cat in the house is short-lived. His parents become obsessed, and the house gradually fills up with more and more cats, until it
is finally completely overrun with felines. Is there really any room left for Sam?

A cat’s life is based on the author’s own childhood. At one point Max Estes lived with 35 cats, most of them wild and malevolent.

Max Estes

Max Estes

Max Estes (b. 1977) has published over 20 books since his debut in 2005. He works primarily with illustrated books and comics. He is also the designer of the Ena Publishers logo. Estes was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently resides in Fredrikstad.

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