Jill Moursund
Up a tree

The forest mouse Murfy lives alone in a quiet tree. He is overly concerned with security and predictability. He counts his nuts every morning, and has a stockpile
that can last at least two full winters. Murfy is always prepared for the worst possible senario.

One day a neighbor moves into Murfy’s tree - with thundering noises: A squirrel that lives in the moment and loves hopping and jumping, fun and dance. The two neighbours’ lifestyles are quickly on a collision course. Murfy has to make a choice. Should he move out or should he throw caution to the wind and join in on the fun and dance?

Jill Moursund

Jill Moursund
Geir Dokken

Jill Moursund (b. 1971) is an illustrator, author and graphic designer. After majoring in visual communication at Oslo Academy of the Arts, she has, amongst other things worked with illustrations for magazines and books. She made her debut in 2006, and has since written children’s books on everything from zombies to
lunar travel. Jill Moursund was born in Bodø, grew up in Nordland and currently resides in Oslo.

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