Rebecca Wexelsen and Ella Okstad (ill)
Grandma for sale

A new illustrated gem of a book from the author of Ulf is unwell.

The worst thing Nelly knows is to be picked up at the kindergarten by her grandmother. Grandma is always so strict and even worse, she makes weird food.

One day, Nelly gets the idea that it might be possible to sell her grandma to someone who doesn’t have a grandmother of their own. She puts up a for sale sign outside grandma’s house. A few curious people knock on the door. But then when someone who actually wants to buy Nelly’s grandmother turns up, maybe it’s not such a good idea to sell her after all?

Rebecca Wexelsen and Ella Okstad (ill)

Rebecca Wexelsen and Ella Okstad (ill)

Rebecca Wexelsen (b. 1986) made her debut with the collection of poems Så faller jeg (So I fall), at Tiden Norsk Forlag in 2017. In 2019 she debuted with the novel Hotel Montebello. She had a flying start as a picture book writer in 2020 with Ulf is Unwell (illustrated by Camilla Kuhn), which won the Ministry of Culture’s Best Picture Book Award in 2020.
Ella Okstad (b. 1973) is a graduate of Kent Institute of Art and Design. She is a very popular and experienced illustrator, both here at home and abroad. Okstad grew up and lives in Trondheim.

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Ministry of Culture’s Best Picture Book Award (2020)

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