Elisabeth Moseng
The Day Nothing Happened

Playful drawings and visual humor from an awardwinning creator of illustrated books.

The Day Nothing Happened is about the fox’s big secret. For what does the fox really have in his rucksack? And why do the other animals want what he has?

This illustrated book awakens recognisable emotions in young and old such as arrogance, envy and suspicion. What happens when we let our strongest emotions take over? Probably a lot more than just NOTHING.

You had better keep up the pace when Moseng takes us on a hunt for the truth about the fox and what is in his rucksack!

Elisabeth Moseng

Elisabeth Moseng
Eigil Korsager/ Vigmostad & Bjørke

Elisabeth Moseng (b. 1967) studied Visual Communication at Westerdals (Oslo), illustration and design at Kingston University in London, and completed her studies at the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books in 2019. She has illustrated children’s books for 25 years and been awarded several prizes. Moseng has
previously written and illustrated two picture books, and she is a member of the association Norwegian Writers for Children (NBU).

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