Camilla Otterlei and Lars Rudebjer (ill.)
Real Animal Heroes

Dramatic and touching true stories about animals that throughout the ages have performed incredible acts of heroism.

Those of us who love animals know that they can be both cute and funny. But did you know that animals can also be real heroes?

In this book you will meet animals that have done incredible things: the sled dog Togo who saved an entire Alaskan village from a dangerous disease. The elephant Ning Nong who brought a little girl to safety when a tsunami wave was approaching. The lifesaving rat Magawa who has helped clear areas of mines and has received a real gold medal. And many more.

With colorful illustrations, cartoons and easy-to-read text, Real Animal Heroes tells the dramatic and touching true stories of animals that have helped humans.

Camilla Otterlei and Lars Rudebjer (ill.)

Camilla Otterlei and Lars Rudebjer (ill.)
Holger Fangel

Camilla Otterlei (b. 1980) is an author, teacher and lecturer. She is a member of the NBU (Norwegian Writers for Children) and the NFFO (The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association) and has published a number books in various genres since her debut in 2004. She received Landslaget for Språklig Samling litteraturpris (Literature Award) for the illustrated book The Art of Meeting a Bear (2015). Otterlei is from Kongsberg and lives in Drammen.

Lars Rudebjer (b. 1974) has worked as a freelance illustrator since 1989. He has illustrated more than 35 children's books published in ten countries, and a large
number of school books for Swedish and Norwegian publishers. His production also includes postcards, comic strips, board games and CD games for children, and a collection of pictures for IKEA. He uses traditional aquarelle as well as digital techniques.

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