Sigmund Løvaasen and Åshild Irgens (ill.)
The Snowball Fight

A touching and humorous Christmas story for the entire family.

What happens when two resourceful children set heaven and earth in motion to fulfill great-grandmother’s last wish?

Åsmund’s great-grandmother is developing dementia. Christmas is approaching and the only gift she wants is to relive the big snowball fight the village’s children used
to arrange on Christmas Eve.

Together with his friend Margit, Åsmund decides to revive the annual tradition. But it won't be easy. The area where the snowball fight took place many years ago is overgrown, great-grandmother's childhood friends have passed away and it is only a matter of time before greatgrandmother herself ends up in a nursing home.

Sigmund Løvaasen and Åshild Irgens (ill.)

Following his debut novel in 2003, Sigmund Løvåsen (b. 1977) has continued to publish novels, plays, poems and biographies. In addition to writing, he likes to cut
down trees and throw snowballs. The Snowball Fight is his first children’s book. Løvåsen grew up in Trysil and lives in Svartskog in Nordre Follo.

Åshild Irgens (b. 1976) is an illustrator and newspaper cartoonist. She has made a lot of snowballs and many children’s book illustrations. Åshild was born in
Sandnessjøen, grew up in Tønsberg and lives in Oslo.

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