Ida Therese Klungland

How do you save the world when you have to recharge every three days?

Cybjørg has always felt different. She is best friends with lampposts and generators, and she has both batteries and sandwiches in her lunchbox. Everyone else in the small town of Nord-Maldal ("Normal Ville") is quite normal, especially her classmates Gyda and Arnold. But when two evil villains make evil plans, someone who isn't ordinary is the only one who can save the day!

In this funny and clever book, Cybjørg shows what it means to be a real hero: Brave, unique – and fullycharged!

Ida Therese Klungland

Ida Therese Klungland
Karina Rønning

Ida Therese Klungland (b. 1991) has a MA in practical
literature, and works as a secondary school teacher.
She also writes and produces music. Cybjørg is her first

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