Tiger Garté
This will kill us

What is the difference between living and surviving? A relentless youth novel that strikes like a blow to the chest!

At the beginning of March 2020, 16-year-old Samuel leaves everything behind and moves out into the woods with his father in an attempt to survive the onslaught of
doomsday. His father is a “prepper” who fears nuclear war, invasion, pandemics and all forms of government control. He has for many years prepared to live away
from civilization, convinced that the enemy is in pursuit.

Samuel has always found himself torn between his manipulative and authoritarian father and his kind but despairing mother. When his mother dies, Samuel decides best to accept his father’s worldview so as not to be abandoned. But life in the woods does not turn out as they may have envisioned - and the decision Samuel makes has catastrophic consequences.

This Will Kill Us is a brutal novel about a merciless nature and a merciless relationship between father and son.

Tiger Garté

Tiger Garté (b. 1982) is an author and publisher. He debuted with the critically acclaimed novel Burnout in 2007. Jo Nesbø selected him for the Book Club Award
for promising new writer for the publication. The Bird Hotel published in 2012 earned him a nomination for the Bookstore Award. Garté was born in Surnadal, and
currently resides in Oslo.

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