Torun Lian
The Meaning of Atlas

16 year old Atlas is dying from cancer. Unable to stand the treatment, he runs away. His only plan is to get away from everything. At the train station in Copenhagen, his attention is drawn to a girl, who’s living on the seamy side of life. The two of them fetch up wandering the streets of Copenhagen. Atlas keeps quiet about his condition and let himself lead into the Copenhagen she knows; the dark side of the city, and the freetown Christiania. For Atlas, it’s only Molly who make sense.

'(…) a classic love story where opposites attract and match. (…) Through the story of two people and their different ways of seeking a meaning in life, in what for them is an existential explosion, Lian’s prose is strong and poetic, and holds the very big questions.'

Vårt Land

Torun Lian

Torun Lian

Torun Lian (b. 1956) is an internationally award winning and highly acclaimed film director and author. She has written film scripts, plays, television series and books for children, young adults and adults.

Other titles

For children and YA:
The Alice Andersen-series 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
Adam, the Odd One Out, 2005
Neither Naked nor Dressed, 2000
Only Clouds Move the Stars, 1994
Frida, Her Heart on Her Sleeve, 1991
Frida, 1990

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