Loyd Landsverk
The Mystery of the Riddle

Martin and Ole are in ninth grade. They are in love with two girls in their class, and they are both engaged in things that teenagers usually care about. One day they stumble across a treasure map at the school loft with a mysterious riddle. It does not take long before they are hunting a treasure, and they soon realize that they are not the only ones searching for it. Along the way, they arrive in both unexpectedly and dangerous situations that put their character to test.
From 10 to 16 years. It addresses many relevant issues in a youth‘s everyday life, like smoking, alcohol, sex, Christian belief and their own identity.

Loyd Landsverk

Loyd Landsverk is a teacher at Sauar Primary and Secondary School in Telemark in Norway. There is no doubt that the Author has used his experience as a teacher in this action-filled story.

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