Rolf Magne G. Andersen
Coco-Banana and The Candy Vacuum Cleaner

The Children´s Audio Favorite - now as picture books!

Coco-Banana does not like to clean his room, but this time there is no way around it. He how ever decideds to make the vacuuming more fun by inventing a Candy Vacuum Cleaner. But what happens when the vacuumer goes totally loco?

Coco-Banan is a little inventer living with his family Mama Banana, Daddy Coconut and his little sister Baby Coco. In his inventors shed Coco-Banana invents crazy inventions, something that always tend to get him into strange and hilarious situations - as funny for grown up readers as for small children.

Author Rolf Magne Andersen started out writing the stories about Coco-Banana for Norwegian Storytel, and they quickly became the most popular series for children listening to audio books. Illustrator Victoria Hamre has made illustrations looking like they have been taken straight out of an animated film.

Rolf Magne G. Andersen

Rolf Magne G. Andersen

Rolf Magne Golten Andersen (b. 1983) has written several stories in the Coco-Banana series for Storytel.
His background is in film and TV – among others as a screenwriter.

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