Gry Moursund
Everybody with a bum knows farting’’s fun

A funny and recognizable book full of cracking colours and cringe-making noises. “Goodness gracious, Mathilda!” Aunt Tulla says. “Did you fart?” Silence falls around the table. “It wasn't me,” says Mathilda. But nobody believes her, and when all the family members get to tell their own fart stories, things get really embarrassing.

Gry Moursund

Gry Moursund

Gry Moursund (1969–) graduated from the National Art Academy with a specialization in illustration and graphic design. She has since received a number of prizes for her illustrations, among them the Brage Prize in 2003. In 2009 she won the Ministry of Culture´s Picture Book Award for the book The Three Billy Goats at the Water Park (Bukkene Bruse på Badeland).

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