Monika Steinholm
Hardly Happy
Happy 1

A new series – perfect for fans of The Superbitches!
Meet Happy: Tough and tender, invincible and vulnerable – who most definitely will not let the alpha girls define her. Happy is the class clown and a friend of Liv, who is a
total wall flower. Can they become cool without losing their own identity? Can you be cool without becoming just like everyone else? And will their friendship survive in the process? A series about trusting oneself, finding one’s inner motivation, about friendship, love and social media- with characters one really cares about.

Monika Steinholm

Monika Steinholm
Vigmostad & Bjørke

Monika Steinholm (b. 1983) has published nine books for children and youth. When she is not writing, she works as a bookseller. Steinholm has a two-year
writer’s education from the Universi-ty of Tromsø and was nominated for both the U- Award and the NBU's Trollkrittet Award for her debut book Fuck verden (Fuck
the world).

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