Kristine Kujath Throp

Help the Tiny Creratures

For all children who want to learn, have fun and at the same time protect the environment.
An ingenious, charming and well-illustrated book for children who not only want to learn more about tiny creatures like butterflies and bees, but also help them. With a twinkle in the eye, this book shows how the reader can become a hotel director, restaurant manager and barkeeper for tiny creatures by creating simple constructions they will benefit from. Conservation of nature and diversity of species are more important than ever, and this book shows how young children can do their part.

Kristine Kujath Throp

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David Bauer Lønstrup

Kristine Kujath Thorp (b. 1992) debuts with the Help the Tiny Creatures. She is a trained cinematographer, and works daily as an actor and designer. Thorp is from Oslo, but resides in Copenhagen.

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