Max Estes
What in the world!

Is it a lighthouse? A ladder? Or does it simply show the way to a buried treasure?
A group of animals discover some rocks stacked up on top of each other at the edge of the beach. None of the animals have noticed them before and wonder what the rocks are doing there. Other animals join them, and suggestions abound. What in the world could it be? This is a delightful game of wonder and repetition. The answer is both original and unexpected.

Max Estes

Max Estes
Vigmostad & Bjørke/ Eigil Korsager

Max Estes (b. 1977) has published over 20 books since his debut in 2005. He works primarily with illustrated books and comics. He is also the designer of the Ena Publishers logo. Estes was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently resides in Fredrikstad.

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The Banana and the Moon

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