Åse Ombustvedt and Jens Kristensen (ill.)
Little Brother is New as the Moon

A beautiful story about sibling jealousy.
Change can be difficult for both big and small. Often it
helps to talk to someone. Mom or dad, or another adult.
Or as in this story; a squirrel and an oak tree.

A little girl runs away from home when her baby brother
is born. She is certain her parents are going to replace
her. It is autumn and the air is chilly. Despite the cold,
she hides in the branches of a large oak tree, deciding
that she will live there for the rest of her life. Then she
discovers she’s not alone.

Åse Ombustvedt and Jens Kristensen (ill.)

Åse Ombustvedt and Jens Kristensen (ill.)
Vigmostad & Bjørke/ Eigil Korsager

Åse Ombustvedt (b. 1963) is a teacher, and has
attended the Writers’ Academy. This is her fourth book.
Ombustvedt is born and raised in Våler in Vestfold, and
currently resides on Jeløy.
Jens Kristensen (b. 1975) is an illustrator and visual artist.
He is educated at the Norwegian National Academy of
Craft and Art Industry and has in recent years illustrated
a number of books for children and youth. Kristensen
was raised in Åsgårdstrand and currently resides in Oslo.

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