Grethe Fatima Syéd

A summer with Nedreaas

Torborg Nedreaas (1906–1987) was a fearless defender of vulnerable groups and individuals, an acute observer that wrote about loneliness and vulnerability, and also a sharp pen, a witty critic of double standards and hypocrisy. In A summer with Nedreaas we are taken on a voyage into Nedreaas' dramatic life and authorship, guided by the Nedreaas enthusiast Grethe Fatima Syéd.

Many readers remember Nedreaas from black and white photographies with her siamese cats and the opera length cigarette holders she was smoking with. She was truly a leftwing radical with a predilection for the good life. Nedreaas' had her literary debut in 1945 with a collection of short stories, and her break through came with the impactful romance novel Nothing Grows by Moonlight in 1947. The trilogy about the read headed defiant young girl Herdis is among Nedreaas' most memorable writing, and has fascinated several generations of readers. Herdis was to a large extent based on Nedreaas herself. Nedreaas' work is widely translated, and has recently had great success in France and Spain.

A summer with Nedreaas is a Norwegian prolongation of the popular french series «A summer with», that includes A summer with Montaigne, A summer with Proust and A summer with Homer, among others.

Grethe Fatima Syéds book about Torborg Nedreaas is the right choice for rainy summer days.

Grethe Fatima Syéd

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Grethe Fatima Syéd (b. 1968) has written Olav Duun. The writer of art, death and love (2015), Grown-up Fairy Tales (2020) and translated several books, including Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes (2016) and excerpts from Gertrude Stein's Lectures in America (1935) and What are ;asterpieces (1940). Syéd is an experienced lecturer and speaker, and has published in several of Norway's leading newspapers and journals (Vinduet, Edda, BLA, Klassekampen, Morgenbladet, Dag og Tid and Vårt Land).

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