Hege Enersen Bjerkelien

Nils and the neighbor mutts.

"Nils is terrified of the wildlife in the neighborhood. Every day, on his way to school he is almost eaten alive.
It is awful, and none of the adults understands his fear. Nils will have to do something. Something totally crazy.
It is often difficult to understand fear one does not own. Nils and the neighbor mutts is a story about fear and courageous decisions.
In the book, you will meet some hungry animals. "Fluffy", "Precious", "Ramses Rex" "Cannibal" and "Rose".
You will also meet some scared adults. Scared of the weirdest things."

"Nils and the neighbor mutts", is a warm and funny book about fear and courage.
The book is lively illustrated by Christina Winther, and comes with a warning.
The illustrations might jump out of the book!

Hege Enersen Bjerkelien

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Jan Enoksen

Hege was born in 1971 in Hemsedal, and grew up in Oslo. After working for 20 years as a professional rider, she switched to working with children and young people in primary school.
Hege is particularly concerned about the upbringing of children, and believes that all children deserve a childhood full of good stories.
With the world's most important audience, she puts a lot of hard work into her books, choosing only the best of editors and illustrators.
Her first book, Nils and the neigbor mutts, was therefore acquired by The Norwegian Art Council.

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