Linda Gabrielsen


"Poignant on the subject of being the mother to a child who will never be able to fend for himself."

A mother. A son. A diagnosis. A socio-political experiment.
Entrance is about how a mother's ability to love is called into question when she sees her child through the eyes of others – the doctor, the casual passer-by, the legal system – and about how to love a child that all others expect to be taken away before he is even born.

Reviewers say:

5/6 stars
"Poignant on the subject of being the mother to a child who will never be able to fend for himself. And above all, original on what it means to be human."
– Vigdis Moe Skarstein, Adresseavisen

5/6 stars
"In concise, cogent language, we come into close contact with the mother's experiences and emotions, and we take it all in: endless joy for the child, the deep sorrow and despair, the anxiety and shame – a whole gamut captured in a mini-novel that has no space for superficial sentimentality, only deep humanity."
– Finn Stenstad, Tønsberg Blad

"There seems to be no way out in Entrance, a fascinating and disquieting novel that is not easy to be done with."
– Sindre Andersen, Klassekampen

Linda Gabrielsen

Linda Cecilie Gabrielsen (b. 1974) lives in Oslo and Berlin. She made her literary debut in 2005, with the novel So Says the King. She has followed the Creative Writing Studies programme at The College of Telemark and at The Academy of Creative Writing in Bergen. She produces texts in a variety of genres, including drama and film scripts.

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