Finn Øglænd
Song from The Pier

This is a collection of poems from the experienced Norwegian poet Finn Øglænd. The poems revolve around themes like existence, love, writing and the small every day things that fills our lives with meaning. Øglænd is capable of writing about these major themes in a lighthearted way.

Finn Øglænd

Finn Øglænd (b. 1957) is from Stavanger. He made his debut as an author in 1983, with the poetry collection Det opplyste landskapet. He has published a long list of poems, novels and plays, and has received several awards for his diverse authorship. Øglænd is also a productive translator and has translated work from Mark Strand, Rutger Kopland, Charles Simic, James Wright, Hugo Clas and Eddy van Vliet, to name a few.

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