Martin Blinheim
Painted wooden Scupture in Norway 1220-1350

This book presents the gothic wooden sculptures from the medieval period between 1220 and 1350 in Norway. Dr. philos Martin Blindheim describes every single work and places them in their historical context. He draws parallels to other European works from the same era, especially in England and the other Scandinavian countries.

The book is the last volume of two. They are part of a bigger research project – Medieval Art in Norway.

Martin Blinheim

Martin Blindheim (1916-2009) was a Dr. Philos. and expert on Medieval wooden art and the stave churches at the University of Oslo, Universitetets oldsakssamling.
His book GOTHIC on Painted Wooden Sculpture in Norway 1220–1350 was the 2nd volume of the his important work in this area. The first volume was on the periode 1100-1250.

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