Elle Márjá Vars
The Laziest Person in the World

This is the story of Hánno, the laziest man in the world. He doesn't like money and all the bother that money brings with it. He has no need to buy anything, because he can find everything he needs for his daily life in his local environment. He can't be bothered to do anything other than relax, or care for his cow Girjo … But is Hánno really lazy? Or is the book a subtle protest against today's society, with it's deadlines and constantly increasing demands?

Winner of the Saami Council's Prize for Literature 2007.

The language is simple and elegant. The illustrations help to accentuate the eccentric story. Everything has its price. Could it be that the way we act and the way we live cost a little too much? This is a real fairy tale, with a double meaning.


Elle Márjá Vars

Elle Márjá Vars

Elle Márjá Vars (b. 1957) is one of the most productive Sámi authors. She has published children's books and novels, as well as literature in other genres. She has won the Saami Council's Prize for Literature twice: in 2005 for the young people's novel Čábbámus iđitguovssu (The Most Beautiful Dawn) and in 2007 for the children's book Máilmmi láikkimus olmmoš (The Laziest Person in the World).

The book is illustrated by Harald Aadnevik (b. 1947).

Other titles

Buot ovddemus jápmet niegut, novel, 1992
Ja idja ii galgga šat leat, novel, 1996
Jaskatvuođas ii leat mihkke agiid, lyrical narrative, 1999
Čábbámus iđitguovssu, young people's novel, 2002
Máilmmi jálumus mánná, children's fiction, 2009
Máilmmi árggimus áhkku, children's fiction, 2012
Skábma, lyrical prose texts, 2013
Baháneahkkánis bustávat, young children's book, 2015

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Winner of the Saami Council's Prize for Literature 2005
Winner of the Saami Council's Prize for Literature 2007

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