Karen Anne Buljo
Pikefossen Waterfall

This is about a girl who sails in a barrel from the mountains to the sea, and is based on a Sámi legend.

Once upon a time, long ago in the far north, a Sámi girl worked for a wealthy reindeer keeper. The girl herded the reindeer, with the help of the herding dog Moste. After an unfortunate incident in the winter pasture, the girl was put in a barrel and pushed out into the river …

The story incorporates drama and emotions, and is good reading. Simple, lovely illustrations.

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Karen Anne Buljo

Karen Anne Buljo

Karen Anne Buljo (b. 1964) writes books for children and young people, and also writes in other genres. Her children's book Áfruvva – Havfruen (The Mermaid) is about a girl who was given the joik (song) of the sea and became a mermaid, and is based on a legend found among the coastal Sámi people. She has also released a CD, Ábifruvvá, featuring coastal Sámi joiks for children.

The book is illustrated by Sissel Horndal (b. 1970), a prize-winning illustrator, graphic designer and writer. She studied at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and at the Nordland Art and Film School in Kabelvåg.

Other titles

Áfruvvá – Havfruen, children's fiction, 2011
Kristoffer ja Lálla, fiction for young adults, 2010

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