Inga Ravna Eira
The Guardian`s Dawn

The author, has followed a trail back to the past in order
to find values that might comfort us and make us feel
secure. We are forced to stop and think about what the
consequences of climate change might mean for us in
the future.

Inga Ravna Eira

Inga Ravna Eira
Michal Aase, Davvi Girji

Inga Ravna Eira (1948) was born into a reindeerherding family in Karasjok, Norway, where she still lives. Her first book was published in 1979, since when she has published dozens of books in various genres.

Other titles

Eadni ganjaldii mu fuolppuid (2009)
Jidnes skálkošeapmi (2014)
Čuollogeađgi (2015)
Ii dát leat dat eana (2018)

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