Inga Ravna Eira
This is not the earth

This is not the earth is a collection of poems with climate-change
as its theme. What makes the poems in this collection unique is
the author’s intimacy with nature, and the powerful emotions that
permeate her writing. In these poems, present day human activity
and its effect on the natural world are set against the backdrop of
the ruling family of Gods of the old Saami religion – figures who
protected the earth, its people and life itself. The poems present
the Goddess Uksáhká’s desperate plea to the children of the sun
– today’s inhabitants of the earth, who are no longer listening to

Inga Ravna Eira

Inga Ravna Eira
Michal Aase, Davvi Girji

Inga Ravna Eira (1948) was
born into a reindeer-herding
family in Karasjok, Norway,
where she still lives. She
writes poetry, short stories,
and children’s books in North
Sami. Her first book was
published in 1979, since when
she has published dozens of
books in various genres.

Other titles

Eadni ganjaldii mu fuolppuid (2009)
Jidnes skálkošeapmi (2014)
Čuollogeađgi (2015)
Gáhtára iđit (2019)

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