Susanne Hætta

On the first day of 1981, Sven-Eirik Utsi was abandoned by his mother. Nine years later, a shameless man was abandoned by a gang of youth. He died because of his injuries and Utsi was condemned for murder. What had happened in the ten years between these events? How did Utsi continue his life after his conviction?
Utsi was Norway's most dangerous man and spent 15 years behind prison walls. The book tells you the story about his tough childhood and long criminal carrier that followed. It portrays his road to redemption and realisation that would finally lead him out of criminality. It illustrates the road to freedom and a life of a contributing member of society.

Susanne Hætta

Susanne Hætta

Susanne Hætta (1975) is a Sámi photographer, artist, journalist, designer, course holder and author. She has a degree in sociology and has been a journalist for the NRK. The last few years she has worked as photographer, artist, communicator and freelance journalist.

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