Ellen Hofsø
River hymn

«When the icecap under Stuorračohkka starts to loosen and roll down the scree and water gushes over the mountain cliffs, then you'll hear a rumbling. It is a sign of summer in Ruŋguvuopmi. Then you have to cast a glance upwards and you will see all that you believed was grey moss, come alive. That is the reindeer herd you see» he whispers in her neck. «never forget the rumbling, Kaarina, when you hear it, I am with you»
The arms which held her tightly, loosened, he takes a step backwards. It became very quiet, whilst he only stood there looking at her. Then he lifted his hand and some hairs out of her face, turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

The year is 1868. In Tornedalen, Sweden, they have known many years of famine. In despair, parents are sending their children with the Sámi towards Ruija (the coast of northern Norway) so they have a chance to survive. Kaarina, a Kven girl, is fifteen years old and promised her mother to look over her little brother Daniel. However, the group splits up and Daniel disappears towards the north. Kaarina finally arrives at Kristen’s and Anders’place in Lavangen. She does her best to be good and become liked, but nothing is good enough and the cold laughter of Kristen gnaws at her. Scared and hurt, but she manages to get away. But where shall she go? She must find Daniel. Àslat, a Sámi boy, helps her on her way.

Ellen Hofsø

Ellen Hofsø

Ellen Hofsø (1948) lives in Bodø. Educated as a social worker and specialised her education further in the fields of psychiatry and substance abuse. Since 1984 she has steadily written youth novels, children books and novels for adults. Elvesang is her first book with ČálliidLágádus, but her 9th published book so far.

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