Birgit Åshild Andersen
Emielle & Emierká get a friend

A pair of boots stand in a dark warehouse, which they think is pretty dull. They feel lonely and have no friends there. Emielle is a girl and Emierká is a boy. No one came to the birthday they just had. The next day, they are taken to the store and it is a pleasant and new and exciting place. Nijlas, a young boy, buys the boots and both are looking forward to finally coming out. An exciting life starts for both Emielle, Emierká and Nijlas. As Nijlas will soon notice, the boots have some surprises in store for him.

Birgit Åshild Andersen

Birgit Åshild Andersen

Birgit Åshild Andersen (1984) lives in Drag, Tysfjord, Nordland. Educated as a pre-school teacher and former student of the Lule Sámi language. Previously, Andersen translated books but had not published own script prior to the book about Emielle and Emierká. Illustrated by Nina Margareth Iversen.

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